For Advisors & Investors


As the smart beta revolution sweeps equity markets globally, we have concluded this much - it isn’t all that hard to manage your own fund, we don’t always need expensive mutual fund managers!

MakeMyFund enables you to build your own “eFunds” based on direct stocks, bonds, ETFs and other assets. Create, share, invest, track your custom-built eFunds!


Debt mutual funds are not risk-free, far from it!
Do really find out the risks of a debt MF, you need to break it down into its constituent securities and assess each security in depth. But don’t worry, we have already done this for you.

FundSage tracks all the debt mutual funds at their constituent levels for credit risk, interest rate risk and liquidity risks and helps you build a debt MF portfolio for each specific use. Assess, compare, track various debt funds!


You don’t need to have sleepless nights worrying about the risks in your funds. Just add them to HawkEye and we will track them for you.

For Investment Managers

Quantitative Research Platform

Ever wondered what the performance of an equity portfolio with non-financial companies having price to earnings ratio of between 5 and 25 would be, over last 15 years?

How about interest to sales ratio of less than 10%? What if we adjust by sector? Do the returns change of the portfolio is equal weight vs market cap weight?

Carry out research at the speed of light! Quantitative Research Platform by ASQI is aimed at professional investment managers for rapid hypothesis testing, regression analysis, factor design, back-testing and so on.
You can also productionize your chosen strategies and implement them in actual investments!

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