The Company

ASQI is a fintech company based in Mumbai (India) that has created Newrl - a public blockchain for mainstream finance.

At ASQI, our mission is to take blockchain beyond the confines of cryptocurrencies and into use-cases like lending, making illiquid assets tradeable and creating new types of assets for the new economy. We believe that blockchain technology is truly revolutionary but needs a solid combination of novel technologies and economics combined with legal and financial innovation to make it real for mainstream use.

ASQI was founded in 2019 as a carve-out from a global quant hedge fund. The high-powered team of IITians at ASQI is headed by Swapnil Pawar (an IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad alumnus). Our team of advisors includes PhDs from MIT and UIUC as well as former member of the founding team at one of the largest Indian IT companies.


Public Blockchain for Mainstream Finance

Newrl aims to be the ecosystem used by lenders, borrowers, fintech platforms, broker-dealers and custodians. By moving lending and assets to blockchain, a whole new world opens up for financial services.

Newrl is fully KYC-compliant and is focused on bringing blockchain technology in mainstream finance - with the intention of greater financial inclusion for small businesses and individuals through decentralization.